GI Norden and LISA conference 12th October 2017

GI Norden and LISA conference 12th October 2017


Videy, GI Norden 2014

Call for Abstract deadline August 1 2017      Programme          Venue       Exhibitors

LISA organisation of GI in Iceland and GI Norden are organising a conference in Iceland 12th of October 2017. The venue is Grand Hotel Reykjavík

The objective of the conference is knowledge sharing/best practices on emergencies and to encourage the exchange of experience and information on successful examples of management and assessment of hazard, risk and climate changes.

The main focus of the conference will be Environmental Risk Assessment; Flooding, monitoring and analysis; Climate Change; Environmental policy; Security and Public Safety; Spatial Data Infrastructure; New devises in mapping and monitoring: Smart mapping.

The Conference Committee welcome users and researchers in the GI Sector to send in Proposals for Papers for the Conference.

Call for Abstract deadline August 1 2017


Conference guest, member of GI Norden* ISK 26.000
Conference guest, non member ISK 34.000
Speaker/ Poster, ISK 12.000
Exhibitor, ISK 36.000
Students, ISK 12.000
Icebreaker11 th October, ISK 3.000
Dinner 12th October,  ISK 12:000

*Members of GI Norden: LISA, Geoforum Denmark, Geoforum Norway, Geoforum Sweden and ProGIS