Hafðu samband
Hafðu samband

GI Norden arranges the free webinar with speakers from three Nordic countries.

Hear more about new knowledge about urban innovations and smart cities from the Nordic countries and how best to apply them. An occasion to explore next generation strategies for discovering and understanding the new technology that will drive society forward. Listen to new urban innovation and smart cities for future urban models. It is already revolutionizing both society and business. Good examples of the smart and sustainable society of the future.

Metaverse for citizen dialogue and co-creative processes – How can virtual meetings strengthen citizen dialogue?

Metaverse is a virtual reality where digital technology makes it possible to experience things that today require physical presence. It can be used to show and tell about complex structures and to create an overview and understanding of the abstract.


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  • Við notum vafrakökur á þessari vefsíðu

Við notum vafrakökur á þessari vefsíðu

Við notum vafrakökur til að safna og greina upplýsingar um notkun og virkni vefsíðunnar, til að geta notað lausnir frá samfélagsmiðlum og til að bæta efni og birta viðeigandi markaðsefni.